PEBs have hit the construction market in a major way as they possess immense benefits. Worldwide, PEBs are a much used concept with studies revealing that more than 60% of the non-residential low-rise building in West are pre-engineered. If we talk about India, studies validate that India has the fastest growing market in the PEB construction segment. Huge infrastructural requirements transferring hype to the PEB concept in India.

While we are still to see a boom in residential sector but PEBs’ optimal use can be seen in Warehouses, Industrial Sheds, Sports facilities etc. The scope of using PEBs ranges from showrooms, low height commercial complexes, community centers, industrial building, workshops, stadiums, schools, bridges, fuel stations to aircraft hangers, exhibition centres, railway stations & railway storage yards, equipment housing/shelter and metro applications.Richa Industries PEB Structure

Richa Industries, A Distinguished Name in the Field of PEB

Though a large amount of PEB manufacturers mushrooming the Indian market and offering choice solutions to their customers, however there are hosts of reasons why Richa stands out amongst other players. With cost effectiveness, consistent quality and fast delivery of products to customers could be the obvious reasons in our favor, the intrinsic quality of our R&D itself is a huge contributory factor for this favorable response.

Richa is committed to Design, Manufacture and Installation of Pre-Engineered Buildings, which are 100% customized and designed in accordance with sound principles of Engineering using Computer-Aided Designing. We offer Hi-tech solutions to our customers by applying MBS (Metal Building Software), Staad Pro (3D Structural Analysis and Design software), Tekla (Model-based software) with highest precision to meet the structural requirements of the Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems. Richa deputes qualified experienced safety inspectors to ensure complete project safety. Our responsibilities don’t just end here, we also offer after Sales services to our customers in order to serve them wholly and providing Turn Key Solutions.

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