Sh. Chetram Gupta

Late Sh. Chetram Gupta was a visionary pillar for Richa Industries Ltd, He started his career as a School Teacher and a very energetic and hard working person who use to travel on Bicycle for approx 30 km daily, from there he had developed a vision for creating a Business empire and his keen dedication has make him success to fulfill his dreams.

Throughout his life he was very simple, realistic and balanced personality, His nucleus point was always doing Right and Truthful efforts to accomplish any task irrespective of the facts what others do.
He had laid the foundation stone of Richa on which we all are standing successfully today.




Sh. Subhas Gupta

Sh. Subhash Gupta had been endured, who carried the dream of his father forward to develop a big Business Empire and his keen focus and creative mind helped him to convert the thoughts of his father to a successful business.

To transform his fathers dream into realty he started his carrier with a fabric shop located at small village of Jhajjar, Haryana, at age of 17 only. Despite the fact he couldn’t able to do higher studies but he ensures that his next generation should be well educated enough to handel the empire which was already matured in his mind.

From a small shop to established textile industry in Faridabad was a result of his keen dedication and hard working. Once the Textile business was founded he handed over the reins to next generation and himself engaged in day to day social activities, He is very active member of society and has very active social circle and also acting as a strong mentor.




Sh. Sushil Gupta

Sh. Sushil Gupta (Chairman Emeritus) (M.Tech-IIT) had been the promoter director and served the company for 24 years. He had been instrumental in bringing the company to the present levels. He had been a strong visionary and technocrat throughout his tenure. As on date, he is serving the company through his vision, thoughts and experience as chairman emeritus. He had been and will remain as a guiding factor to the company.