Research and development has always been the key to our success at Richa Industries. In line with this belief, we have set up an entire section dedicated to the cause of innovating, identifying and incubating ideas that help us in improving our overall efficiency. A well-equipped in-house laboratory with unique state of the art facilities is a part of this research and development set-up. This lab is an important part of our manufacturing units because it is here that the experts’ fine-tune our methodologies and process according to the latest technological updates in order to help us achieve optimum levels of efficiency.

Lab facilities:

Currently, our lab houses some of the finest equipment that aids in sustaining our goal to constantly innovate for greater production efficiency. These facilities include robotic color dispenser (Robotic), lab sample dyeing machine, color spectrophotometer (Data Color), unique conditioning chamber and a proper color matching cabinet (Macbeth & Paramount), along with several other equipment.

What do we do at our lab?

From inspecting the fabric to modifying the machine settings, every process is thoroughly inspected and constantly updated in this laboratory. Richa Fabrics is a part of the Richa Industries Limited banner which is an ISO certified organization. This makes it even more important for us to adhere to the quality standards or benchmarks. As a result of this, we ensure that every product coming out from our manufacturing facility is made to undergo thorough quality inspection procedures. Having a well-equipped laboratory helps us in adhering to these stringent quality standards.

We are an eco-friendly facility!

As a leading textile manufacturing unit, we are well aware of our responsibility towards the society as well as the environment. In our bid to do well for the environment and conserve our natural resources, we try to ensure the implementation of eco-friendly practices wherever possible.