Richa’s EPC methodology offers rapid execution of large, capital-intensive projects through smooth processes from concept to final delivery of projects. The Company provides turnkey project solutions for pre-engineered buildings on a single source basis which enables the customer to off -load the entire responsibility to Richa Industries in order to complete the project in a time-bound manner.

Whether building a new facility, modernizing, or expanding an existing facility, the EPC project methodology has emerged as a preferred choice for many industries. With an EPC contract, the customer has a single point of contact for the project which includes the roles and responsibilities to design, procurement of all equipment and construction materials and construction services for turnkey delivery of the project.

The Building Construction includes following steps:

  • Survey and Setting out
  • Excavation, Layout and Foundation
  • Foundation Construction
  • Shallow Foundations
    • Spread Footing Foundations

    • Grillage Foundations

    • Raft Foundations

    • Stepped Foundations

    • Inverted arch Foundations

  • Deep Foundation
    • Pile Foundation

    • Well Foundation

    • Caisson Foundation

  • Floor Construction
    • Mud Floor

    • Brick Floor

    • Tile Floor

    • Flagstone Floor

    • Cement concrete Floor