Our Philosophy


Richa Industry has always strived to work towards the cause of inclusive growth that takes care of all its stakeholders including its employees.

Employees are our main assets:
Richa industries limited has always believed in making its people its assets to company. We embrace our people as our most valuable asset. We realize our best performing employees will come from the ranks of the most engaged, and understand that employee engagement drives business outcomes. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s through your employees that customer loyalty is built. Also, it’s through them that products and services get delivered, and profits and growth are achieved.

We help our leaders lead:
Our fast paced business environment is demanding more leadership role today. Our people in leadership roles play a vital role in getting results out of their teams. We get the pace and tone, communicate expectations, get our people involved in running the business, provide regular trainings and feedback so that our employees can keep the momentum going and make needed corrections.

We Trust our people:
Trust in the workplace is the key to the wellbeing of employees and the performance of an organisation. We at Richa believe in the feeling that our employees should feel connected to their team and organisation not only professionally but personally as well. We make them sense that they have important role in their team and in the organisation.