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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Richa Industries Limited, a name already established among the top manufacturers of pre-engineered buildings in India, started its impeccable operations in the field of Pre-Engineered Steel Building in the year 2009, QHSE being the most important aspect of the Company that leads to its overwhelming success.

As a leading manufacturer of steel buildings India, Richa Industries Limited is running its booming business focusing entirely on the key factors of quality, health, safety and environment or QHSE. All industrial operations at the PEB plant of RIL concentrate solely on the all-inclusive QHSE aspects and the trained and skilled professionals at Richa take pride in creating steady business relationships with their clients, social communities and shareholders.

Richa Industries Limited took a very significant step in 2013 June towards the organization of the PEB business functions by incorporating into the industrial operations a compact QHSE system and initiating a Quality and Safety Policy shared plan.

The primary roles played by the QHSE section comprise of –

  • Encouraging a common practice of QHSE methods among the workers
  • To practice the objective of safe interactions with people
  • Application of controlled practices in accordance with quality, safety and health
  • A well-executed procedure of inspection for the evaluation of the consistent growth of overall business
  • Considering the QHSE issues as affairs of top priority
  • Elevating the worth of onsite functions and services associated with the subcontractors

Executing regular workshops and training programs for the project teams at the corporate offices and sites of the ongoing projects for locating, handling and preventing open risks by conforming to the applicable rules and regulations is integral to all QHSE programs. Preclusion of all life-threatening situations is also vital to all the QHSE initiatives planned by the managing body at Richa Industries Limited.


Quality has always remained a distinguishing feature in our products and services. To ensure consistency and reliability, we have a laboratory to check the raw materials to verify the standard of material supplied to us as well as to ascertain the quality of manufactured steel structures at various stages.  The lab is equipped with all necessary equipment with the in-house testing facilities to conduct tests as per standards. All structures are designed and manufactured strictly according to International & National specifications ensuring maximum safety and economy by making optimum use of quality raw materials and sheets.
Besides, quality is defined through following documentation methods:

Moreover, we keep records of Material Test Certificates, Manufacturing Test Certificates, Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports and also randomly material test from NAB2 Lab to ensure the chemical & Mechanical Property authentication as per standard.

Our All products manufactured must pass stringent quality testing procedures, a standard inspection and testing plan is followed for all jobs.
Quality Assurance

Quality is a continuous process at Richa – where organization-wide action is taken to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the engineering process. This means that we continuously concentrate on improving our own performance to ensure that you -the client – benefit. Our aim is to meet your expectations every time. We take a proactive stance towards quality moving beyond Quality Control to provide Quality Assurance, so you can be confident that your requirements will be met with predictable quality – consistently. Our stringent process ensures that high quality standards are reflected as results in your business, guaranteeing your satisfaction every time.

Quality Control

QC inspection starts with checking of raw materials for compliance with specifications. The product is inspected at all stages of fabrication to maintain the quality. All inspection records are retained on file for future reference.

Quality Planning 

We are committed to process adherence through process improvement plans. This includes allocating human resources and funds for Products Research and Development, who work to implement good practices and maintain high standards in every project.

Validation and Verification 

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, reviews and audits are conducted regularly to identify non-conformance and verify compliance.

Control of Non-conformance

This involves identifying and recording non-conformance, performing detailed analysis and subsequent resolution of any non-conformances.

Corrective and Preventive Action

When internal Quality Audits result in non-conformances in that case a corrective action is triggered through corrective and preventive action plans. The effectiveness of all such plans is closely monitored. Customer complaints are recorded and detailed analysis is carried out. Corrective action is implemented with a view towards continual improvement.

Review and Audit of Assurances

Richa Management team reviews and audits all Quality Assurance activities.