Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Richa Textile has earned global recognition for being a textile major. Being one of the country’s biggest companies in its category, we have always valued the contribution of all our stakeholders including our employees. Be it the quality of our products, the accuracy of our processes or the safety of our employees, we take utmost care to ensure that their lapse in following the policies. The introduction of QHSE system along with a joint Quality and safety policy is in line with this belief. The core purpose of the QHSE system is to ensure that we achieve our goals without causing any harm to our people. The team administering the QHSE system is responsible for conducting a routine audit to measure the productivity and make amendments wherever possible.

How do we do it?

The successful implementation of QHSE system is an integral part of the routine at Richa Industries. We have a dedicated team that works to execute the policies laid down under this system. In fact, every department seeks the input of the QHSE team at regular intervals to ensure that optimum levels of safety and efficiency are maintained at all points of time.
Here is an overview of the various responsibilities that are taken care of by our QHSE team:

  • Implementation of Quality, Health & Safety discipline is of utmost importance across all departments of the textile unit.
  • cRaising the standards of subcontractor Services and Operations at project sites depending on the feedback. In fact, our employees are empowered to stop the work if it is being done in potentially hazardous conditions.
  • cConducting training programs for the staff to help them in understanding as well as implementing policies wherever required.
  • Customizing the prescribed safety tools according to the requirements of the company.

At Richa, our offerings are driven by customers’ requirement for continually improved safety, quality, technical integrity, reliability as well as timely completion of the project.