Fabric processing division is an ultramodern setup equipped with machines procured from renowned manufacturers. This advanced setup helps in achieving international finishes as per customer requirements. With an installed capacity of 900 tons of fabric per month and being one of the largest knitted fabrics manufacturers in India, it has a capability to process all kinds of Knitted Fabric. The division has dyeing machines from reputed makers like Brazzoli (Italy), Fongs( China) and Online dispensing system from AREL  with a capacity to dye batch sizes ranging from 10Kg to 1500Kg.

How the Fabric manufacturing process works?


As we all know, yarn is indeed one of the prominent raw-material for garment processing. Fabric manufacturing process is a complex and a meticulously designed process. It involves the following steps:

  • In the first step the yarn is provided as input to the machinery

  • Then the yarn is converted to fabric

  • It is then followed by Dyeing and processing

  • Just before the end conventional methods like brushing, sueding, shearing, removal of wrinkles and stains, mercerizing are laid out for finishing

  • In the end a finished and final product is ready to be used and deployed

The Fabric manufacturing process is primarily sub-divided into two distinct categories:

    • Dyeing:Dyes and chemicals procured from well-known company Like Dystar, Huntsman , Clariant, Jay Chemicals, Colorant to dye a high quality lustrous Fabric. The fully automated process uses AREL online dispensing system.
  • Viscose Dyeing

  • Collared Dyeing

  • Polyester Dyeing

  • Blends Double Dyeing

  • Cationic Polyester Dyeing

    • Finishing: The finishing section is responsible for final product quality and offers a wide range of techniques for finishing. It offers finishes in Tubular as well as in Open Widths. The state-of-the-art machinery includes Wet Slitting machines (BIANCO, Italy), 8-chamber Stenters from EHIWA (Korea) for all kinds of spandex, polyester fabrics heat settings and special performance finishes, latest brushing and sueding machines for making best quality fleece and sueded fabrics.
  • Brushing

  • Mercerising

  • Sueding

  • Heat Setting

  • Stentering

  • Compacting

Right from the very beginning until the end, the entire process is carried out at Richa industries itself under one roof with stringent quality checks. The machinery used at Richa is state-of-of-the-art and has the capacity to produce bulk orders to meet the deadlines of our customers. The end result i.e. the Richa Textile is one of its kinds with no quality compromises whatsoever.