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Manufacturing Plant

The inception of Richa Industries Limited took back in the mid-19th century as a private limited company with a meagre investment at first. After a few years the company went on to become Leading Textile Company in India and has been thriving since then. Today it has set-up a fully-automated advanced Manufacturing unit in the city of Faridabad with a whopping processing capacity. The plant comprises of fully computerized systems capable of producing larger volumes with consistent quality. RICHA is a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) recognized organization and a proud member of SWAR (Sustainable Water & Resource Management. These accolades make us a conspicuous and notable organization that we are today and facilitate us to build confidence amongst our clients.

Richa Textile is a trusted name in the Indian textile industry known for offering a variety of products to a global clientele. Backed by more than two decades of concrete manufacturing experience, Richa Textile is currently one of the fastest growing companies in India. We have one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Northern India that is the most preferred destination when it comes to dyeing, processing and finishing of knitted fabrics.

All our facilities are incorporated on the primary vision of utilizing the latest technology to ensure that we achieve best quality standards and guarantee our customers a value for money preposition.

At Richa, we understand our customers have complex businesses that come with specific requirements and therefore strive to provide them with sophisticated services that maximize the efficiency of their operations.

Our Facilities:

We have state of the art manufacturing units that employ the latest techniques and are constantly upgraded according to the industry standards. Our manufacturing facilities have been designed in a manner to optimize the production capacity and cater to a diverse range of demands.

Fully Automated Machines:

Our manufacturing units and all production facility works on a fully computerized system. This helps in improving the accuracy of the process as well as the overall efficiency of the production. Additionally, this also helps in reducing the lead time when it comes to delivering to our clients.

Efficient Dyeing:

Dyeing machines with latest salt free, crease free, low liquor dyeing technology reducing water generation by 60/% and energy consumption by 30%.

R & D laboratory:

We have a well-equipped Research and Development facility wherein we innovate and incubate our ideas that nurture the potential to improve our production efficiency.


Being one of the best manufacturing facilities, we also understand our responsibility towards the betterment of the community. Therefore, we try to implement eco-friendly practices wherever possible. In fact, we cut down majorly on the water wastage in all our textile units by implementing a state of the art waste water treatment plant.

Go Green

Being a responsible corporate is an integral part of the code of conduct laid down during the formation of Richa Fabrics. We encourage participation in eco-friendly measures across all our production facilities that ultimately help us in achieving our goal of sustainable development. At Richa Fabrics, we understand the importance of conserving the environment in order to prevent depletion of precious resources that hold the potential to share our future. It is this understanding that motivates to adopt environment friendly practices.
Here is a preview of some of the major environmental issues operational on our campus:

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP): Being a textile unit, we require huge amounts of water on a routine basis. This water once used is polluted with salts, chemicals and dirt making it unfit for further usage. Most people would discard such water. However, at Richa, we adopt an eco-friendly practice of waste water management wherein this liquid is treated and re-used via the effluent treatment plant on our factory premises. The ETP plant has an in-built technology that cleans the water and removes the unwanted chemical along with ensuring zero liquid discharge during the entire process. This aids in optimizing the usage of water which is a precious natural resource.
  • During the production process, we insist on using Enzymes for dyeing, bleaching, etc. to control ETP load by reducing the quantity of alkalis in the entire processing. This practice also reduces the water consumption. In fact, enzymes are considered to be a healthy alternative for toxic chemicals, making ieasier to treat wastewater as well. Also, the dyes and chemicals that we are using in processing are GOTS approved and certified according to OEKOTEX 100 standards.
  • We are also committed towards using less liquor ratio of water in manufacturing and dying process. This commitment is achieved through the superior technology machines that help in the cause of environment preservation as well as improve the overall production efficiency.